1.1 - Information on the seller

Stiu' srl
Viale Certosa, 125
Postcode 20151 Milan (MI) - ITALY
registered in the REA (Economic Administrative Index) of Milan under no.: MI-1854710
registered at the Milan Chamber of Commerce for Industry, Agriculture and Handicraft under no. 3660332/2 - 2007 -- VAT and Tax number : 05870290961

Online shop on website www.stiu-shop.com:
Telephone number for callers calling from anywhere in the world : +39 02 5517620.

Customer Service staff available from Monday to Friday (9.00 -13:00 / 14:30-18.30)
E-mail : customerservice@stiu-shop.com

We wish to inform you that for any aspect or clarification regarding the contents of the GTCS (General Terms and Conditions of Sale) of the contract of sale, as defined in the subsequent sections and its rules and regulations, Stiu' srl is available to offer any clarification or information to customers, even over the phone.

If you should choose not to use the telephone service, all your rights and entitlements, which are recognized by law, are by no means affected.

In compliance with the provisions laid down by the legislation in force, below are the general terms and conditions of sale, including the terms governing the delivery of articles purchased.

Please bear in mind that you can save and print this document and view the text of the contract. For this please see the appropriate section of these GTCS below.

1 - Scope

These conditions apply to all requests for purchases, as governed by the sections below, which have been sent by a customer to Stiu' srl via the website www.stiu-shop.com.

Therefore, they govern and are an integral part of all the agreements entered into by the customer with Stiu' srl via the Internet, without the customer having had the opportunity to exercise the option to purchase the item by physically and directly going to a sales outlet.

By submitting a request to purchase an article, the customer declares that he/she is aware of and accepts these GTCS.

These GTCS will prevail over any other general condition of the contract, whose application is mentioned in one or more contracts.

The required privacy policy statements will be considered to be an integral part of these GTCS, which are accepted and applied to the contract, at the conditions indicated in the statement itself, which regulates the execution of the contract.

2 - Definitions

"Consumer" means any person who places an order for purposes unrelated to his/her entrepreneurial, business, craft or professional activity;

"GTCS" means the general terms and conditions of the contract, in their entirety, as identified and specified below;

"Professional" or "Seller" means the legal person who performs the business activity of directly selling the articles offered on sale on the website you are viewing;

Customer” or “Buyer” means the consumer or entrepreneur who agrees to request the purchase of products inserted on the website you are viewing, on the terms and conditions and in accordance with the procedures outlined and accepted, exercising the option of not physically and personally accessing the seller's sales network;

Contract” means what is defined by the legislation in force, and as governed by article 1321 and the following articles of the Italian Civil Code;

"Working Day" means any day of the week, except Saturday, Sunday and public holidays, in accordance with the law and the Italian calendar.

3 - Downloading and consulting the contract terms and conditions

We wish to remind you that the website you are viewing is a domain which is registered in Italy and it is therefore subject to Italian law.

You can consult these GTCS at any time, together with the cancellation and privacy policy statements on the website www.stiu-shop.com

The customer can also print or save this document, using the normal programme functions ("File" -> "Save as").

You can also download a PDF version of the document and store it, by clicking HERE.

In order to view the PDF file you must use the free Adobe Reader programme (www.adobe.it) or other equivalent programmes that are compatible with the PDF format.

The Customer can also store the data of his/her order:

- either by downloading the GTCS and saving the data summarized on the last web page that precedes the forwarding of every order by using the appropriate browser functions, or;

- by waiting for the order confirmation which Stiu' srl will send by e-mail, after the order is submitted, to the email address indicated by the customer.

This confirmation e-mail will contain the data specified in the order submitted by the customer as well as a copy of the GTCS and these may be printed or saved using the appropriate functions of an email programme.

The data from each order will be saved by Stiu' srl in its information system.

The customer may not, for obvious reasons of security and confidentiality, have free access to this data in its entirety.

Every customer is guaranteed reserved access by typing in a username and password, in the area of the website called " login".

In this reserved area, if a customer inserts his/her credentials, he/she can view the contracts that have been concluded, pending orders or those which have just been submitted, as well as update and save his/her contact information, any bank information, and/or data for subscribing to the newsletter service.

The customer undertakes to treat his/her access credentials in a confidential manner and not to make them available to third parties.

4 - Conclusion of the contract

Contracts are drawn up only in Italian/English.

The seller wishes to clarify that invitations to formulate offers, which are published on the website www.stiushoes.com, are not binding for it and do not constitute offers to the public pursuant to article 1336 of the Italian Civil Code.

By clicking on "Confirm", the customer will express to Stiu' srl his/her irrevocable agreement, pursuant to and in accordance with articles 1326 and 1329 of the Italian Civil Code, which refer to the articles contained in the cart (i.e. the "Order").

After the customer submits the order, Stiu' srl will send a confirmation of the receipt of the order.

This without prejudice to any rights, including the right of cancellation, as detailed below.

On the basis of these GTCS, the customer undertakes to hold the order and not change it, pursuant to article 1329 of the Italian Civil Code, for 2(two)working days following the submission of the order, if the item ordered was marked as "available" at the time when the order was submitted.

In the remaining cases, the order will be irrevocable, always within the meaning of article 1329 of the Italian Civil Code, for 4 (four) working days following that in which the order is submitted.

Only after the possible receipt by the customer of the order confirmation sent by Stiu' srl or, in the absence of such confirmation, with the delivery of the items which were ordered, must the contract between Stiu' srl and the customer be considered binding.

5 - Price and shipping costs

Stiu' srl reserves the right to change at any time, in the course of the sales season, the prices of the items sold through the website www.stiu-shop.com.

The seller guarantees that the price of the items on offer within its site must be considered that indicated until the time when the order was submitted.

The prices shown are prices to the public, including VAT and all other taxes.

As regards shipping costs, Stiu' srl wishes to inform customers that:

  • deliveries in Italy have shipping costs of 8,00euro. Shipping will be free over 200€ .
  • Deliveries in the rest of the world, will depend on the world are
  • No exchanges or returns with on sale items 

6 - Payment and delivery

Unless otherwise agreed, proved by a written text, the customer will pay the full price of items ordered, at the time when the order is submitted.

Stiu' srl reserves the right to deliver the articles purchased only after it has received full payment.

During the order submission process, several methods of payment may be proposed by Stiu' srl, entirely at its discretion, by way of example:

payment through the secure payment system "Paypal" or “cash on delivery”.

For delivery of the items requested in the manner that is indicated, which Stiu' srl will have agreed to sell, the seller will be able to use different carriers, depending on the country of destination. Until different notices will be made available, we wish to inform customers of the time that is presumably necessary for the shipment of articles, as well as the carrier which can guarantee delivery in the quickest time, at the best price.

  • For deliveries in mainland Italy, within 3/5 days from the date of purchase (excluding holidays), by our courier NEXIVE
  • For deliveries to the islands, within 3/5 days from the date of purchase (excluding holidays), by our courier NEXIVE
  • For deliveries in Europe or the rest of the world, Stiù we will use the International service of UPS by via air.

If the article is marked as "available", Stiu' srl will dispatch the article as soon as possible.

Stiu' srl is not responsible for the failure or delay in delivery in the event that:

(a) notwithstanding the fact that it has has made the regular and timely purchase of the articles required to complete the order that it has received, it has not been supplied in the terms and manner which have been agreed with the supplier;

(b) it is not able to compensate for the lack of availability of such items;

(c) it has promptly notified to the customer the unavailability of the article, informing him/her of his/her right to withdraw from the order, as specified in section 6 below. In the event of the unavailability of an article, Stiu' srl will reimburse the customer any advance payment of the price within 30 (thirty) days from the last day between the day following the day on which the order was submitted and the date of receipt of the payment.

Stiu' srl will not be responsible for the failure or delay in delivery due to reasons of force majeure, such as strikes, measures taken by public authorities, rationing or shortage of electricity or raw materials, transport difficulties, fires, floods, flooding and natural events in general that cause damage to industrial machinery that are not Stiu' srl's fault or which restrict the movement of goods to and from the seller's warehouse. Stiu' srl will arrange to promptly inform the customer if a force majeure event should occur or cease to exist.

If the cause of the force majeure persists for a period exceeding 4 (four) weeks, each of the parties will be entitled to withdraw from the contract. In the event of termination pursuant to this Section 5.4, the customer will not be entitled to any compensation or damages on whatever basis, except the right to a refund of what he/she has possibly already paid for the order.

In the event of a purchase by a consumer on the seller's website, under the conditions indicated here, the risk of accidental loss of the article remains the responsibility of Stiu' srl until delivery of the article to the consumer, or to another person who has been indicated by the same, regardless of the fact that the shipment of the article itself is or is not insured.

In the event of a purchase by a subject who is different from a consumer, the consumer becomes responsible for the risk of accidental loss of an article, with the delivery of the article by Stiu' srl to the first carrier.

To check the progress of your order we will provide you with a shipment number (tracking number) upon confirmation of the order.

If you have chosen home delivery, we will send you an email to confirm the shipment (once the order has left the warehouse) and the order tracking code (with a link to the courier's website) and the courier will contact you for delivery.

7 - Right of cancellation

In compliance with the obligation to provide information, as specified in article 52 of Legislative Decree n. 206 dated 6 September, 2005, (The "Consumer Protection Code"), we have arranged to indicate below the terms and conditions governing the right of cancellation by the consumer, within the appropriate area called "cancellation policy statement", which we advise you to view and to which we refer to entirely for the execution of this contract.

8 - Title retention agreement

The article purchased by the customer will be considered the exclusive property of Stiu' srl, until the customer has not paid the full price of the article, as indicated on the price list when the customer submitted the purchase request, after having reviewed and accepted the request.

9 - Warranty and handling of complaints

The regulations on product warranty, as required by the Law, will necessarily be applied to purchases made by the customer.

The customer can contact Stiu' srl at any time, according to the procedures described in these GTCS contained on the website www.stiu-shop.com.

Stiu' srl will examine the requests it receives from the customer as soon as possible and will contact the customer.

If a request for information or a complaint are related to the warranty of an article, Stiu' srl will generally contact the manufacturer for possible clarification.

Therefore, a longer period of time may be necessary before the customer is contacted by Stiu' srl.

In the event of a complaint, Stiu' srl will invite the customer to describe in as much detail as possible the nature of the problem and to send a copy of the order documents or to indicate the order number, customer number, and any other data that is useful to correctly identify the sale the complaint refers to.

If the customer does not receive a reply within 2 (two) working days, Stiu' srl will suspend any activity, possibly soliciting a reply.

Stiu' srl also advises customers to check that e-mails sent by it are not redirected to other folders or blocked by possible 'spam filters', that is that they do not reach their destination correctly due to other technical problems of the email programme of the addressee customer.

For any service request, Stiu' srl invites customers to contact its customer service, whose contact details are as follows:
Stiu' srl
Via Lodovico Muratori n. 34
CAP 20135 Milano (Italy)
Tel : +39-02-5517620
Email : customerservice@stiu-shop.com

10 - Replacement of the article

If a communication concerns a motivated request to change the purchased item, the customer will be contacted and encouraged to return the flawed goods to the seller.

It’s possible to receive the refund after the replacement only for the style price, not for the shipping costs.

The articles will have to be returned:

  • properly packaged in their original packaging, not spoiled, damaged or dirty and equipped with all their accessories, instructions for use and documentation;
  • with the delivery note (contained in the original packaging), in order to allow Stiu' srl to identify the customer and the single consignments that are the object of the complaint (order number, first name, surname and address);
  • without overt signs of improper use, if not those compatible with a normal trying on of the articles for fit. The articles must not bear any traces of prolonged use (more than a few minutes) that exceeds the time that is necessary and appropriate for trying them on for fit.

First replacement will be free, from the second shipping costs will be charged to the customer in Italy.

For Europe and the rest of the word, customer will must contact a courier and ship shoes back to Stiù.

Client will use his courier to ship shoes back to the following address:

Stiù Srl

Via Lodovico Muratori, 34

CAP 20135 Milano (Italy)

Tel: +39 025517620

Email: customerservice@stiu-shop.com

For styles on “SALE” we don’t accept free replacements.

11 – Applicable law and jurisdiction

These GTCS are drawn up in Italian.

The GTCS and the individual contracts shall be governed by Italian law and, therefore, interpreted and executed in accordance with the same, except as expressly waived by the same and barring the application of the mandatory rules of the place of residence of the consumer.

The application of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (Vienna, 1980 - CISG) and any other agreement and/or international convention are expressly excluded.

In the event of contracts executed with professionals, i.e. contracts executed with consumers residing in countries outside the European Union in which there are no consumer protection regulations, the Court of the place where Stiu' srl has its registered office will be responsible for exclusively settling any dispute arising from or connected with these GTCS and/or with the individual agreements. In any case, without prejudice to Stiu' srl's right to go to court in the customer's place residence.

12 - Amendment of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale

Stiu' srl will inform the customer of the changes to the provisions of these GTCS. The amended GTCS will become an integral part of the new contracts when the customer submits his/her first order following the receipt of the notification of the amendments.

13 - Replacement clause

If a present or future regulation of the GTCS and/or the contract should be or become completely or partly void and/or ineffective or there is a shortcoming in the provisions of the GTCS and/or the contract, the remaining provisions of the GTCS and the contract will remain in any case valid and effective. It is understood that Stiu' srl and the customer will make every effort to negotiate in good faith to solve the shortcoming or replace the clause that is void and/or ineffective with the aim of achieving the same results that were are pursued by the clause that is void or ineffective and to protect the economic substance of the contract.

14 - Replies to your doubts and requests

We provide information on Stiu' srl products, comprising, as regards these products, the sending of commercial communications via e-mail or by any other equivalent means of electronic communication (such as text messages). You can change your preferences regarding the sending of such commercial communications by accessing the section “contact us” .

  • Stiu srl, having its registered office in Viale Certosa 125, 20151, Milan, as the subject responsible for the storing of the data, undertakes to respect the confidentiality of your personal information and to guarantee your rights to access, modify, cancel the data or to express your opposition to us storing your data, by sending a letter to the above-mentioned address or to the registered office of Stiu' srl.
  • For the above purposes, we need to convey the information you provide to us to Stiu' srl, via Lodovico Muratori n. 34, 20135 Milano, therefore it is understood that, by registering and providing us with your personal information through this website, you expressly authorize us to send the communications.

Pursuant to and in accordance with articles 1341 and 1342 of the Italian Civil Code, the customer declares that he/she expressly approves the provisions referred to in the following sections of these GTCS: 4 - (Conclusion of the contract), 6 - (Payment and delivery), 11 - (Applicable law and jurisdiction) and 12 - (Amendment of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale).